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RunPay is on a mission to make daily payments and trasactions easier than before. , our team

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RunPay puts at your service his advanced, secured and reliable mobile payment solution. Please read more below about where you can download the App from, how to use it and what for.


Our Mobile App is built with user experience in mind, we developed a piece of art that is very simple and straight forward. In couple of clicks, you can pay your bills, top-up your phone, pay for goodies or services, and even transfer money.

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We strongly advise you to download our app, create your personal eWallet and start paying all your bills from distance in total security.

Electronic Wallet:

As one of the world’s largest digital wallet providers, RunPay makes it easy for consumers to pay quickly with just a phone number and password. Adding this facility to your checkout is simple and effective. As well as enabling you to accept card, bank and local payment methods, it connects you with millions of existing Skrill wallet holders.

You can create your own eWallet now by downloading our app. All you need is a valid phone number on which you will recieve a One Time Passcode (OTP). As soon as your eWallet is created, you can transfer money to it and start using it.

RunPay supports a total of 40 service at the moment. Our team is working hard to bring in more services, please feel free to contact us and suggest services.:
  • Telecommunication and GSM
  • Tunisian post
  • Bills payment
  • Online payment & eCommerce
  • Education
  • Electronic wallet
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism & Tickets


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